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Uncle Willy's, Kingston, NY, May 11th, 2017

On a beautiful spring day my son, AJ Santana and I hit the road and drove up to beautiful Kingston, NY for my second gig at Uncle Willy's. We get there, headed inside and start loading in only to find out the one thing no musican wants to hear, "sorry we messed up and you were double booked." However, the dude says it's all good man, no worries we will make this work. You play first and the other band will play after you. Very difficult to sound check when you now realize that the time that you had to do that (not to mention eating) is the time you could be playing. We setup quickly, jammed it out and pulled it off. Thanks again Uncle Willy for a good time. Lesson learned, be sure to double check your time slot, which I have already done for the next two gigs there, 7/30 & 8/27, both Sunday gigs hope to see you there.

Uncle Willy's, Kingston, NY, 2017-05-11

Fair Lawn Carnival, May 6, 2017

So I hit the stage on a cold and rainy May evening and it seems that whatever could go wrong, did go wrong. First I get on stage only to discover that my beloved Roland RC-33 amp is not working right. In it are my effects, reverb, chorus and looper so the only option I have left at this point is to wing it and play straight into the PA system. My looper is part of my act and the sound is something I have searched high and low to develop only to have it not available when I need it. I look down at my girlfriend and she says, "You got this, do what you always do with out it." And so I trudge on, I launch into my first tune to yet again discover another set back. I guess because of the cold and not warming up properly, I lost my voice. Now mind you, I'm an acoustic act with a guitar and my vocals, to lose one... well let's just say it wasn't what I had hoped. I trudged through it to only get yanked after 5 songs due to the fact that the other bands before had ran over and was more than pleased to have left the stage at that point. Next stop... Uncle Willy's on May 11th. 

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